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How Did Your Home Hold Up During The Storm?

February 15, 2017

A tell-tale sign your shingle roof was damaged in a hail storm.  You cant always see the damage caused by a hail storm to your roof.  Some signs of a damaged roof include small pieces of shingle broken off which have fallen to the ground near the edge of roof. Also large amounts of roof granules on the ground around the perimeter of your home. These granules are small like coarse Kosher Salt and would match your roof color. These signs indicate a damaged roof and should be inspected by a professional.  It takes just a few rain storms to realize the leak coming through the sheetrock ceiling had been caused from your damaged.

Why You Should Have LeafBlaster Gutter Guards Installed

February 14, 2017

Image shown is just what happens in just 6 months after cleaning your gutters. Leaves tend to accumulate quickly and hold moisture. This starts to create its own fertilized garden in your gutter system. Leaves and Debris clog your gutters from draining properly and/or stop performing completely. LeafBlaster the #1 product in leaf guards protects your gutters from ever taking on leaves and even smaller debris again. No More Clogging! Rainwater is easily filtered through the gutter guard while leaves stay out. We are now offering 50% off gutter cleaning with purchase of LeafBlaster gutter guards.

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Does Your Home Need Seamless Gutters?

January 15, 2017

Do you have ponding on your sidewalk? Is the rainwater running off the roof washing away the mulch in your flower garden or damaging your plants? Dirt eroding away from your foundation?

Seamless gutters protect those areas that tend to see too much water during a rainstorm.  Our Seamless gutters are made there on your property and are not bought from those hardware stores that are made to piece together.  We offer fast reliable installation with many colors to choose from.

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